DES SEAL          Director of Photography           CV

I entered the Film and Television industry in 1980 as a trainee rostrum cameraperson with Hugh Gordon Ltd. of Wardour Street.
After  training I went freelance and switched to live action photography. After five years as assistant cameraperson I sold my house and bought my first 16mm film camera.

My main clients include the BBC, Channel 4 and major independent production companies. I have worked on news and current affairs, documentary, music video and drama productions, using both film and HD video. I have more than three hundred broadcast credits.

My assignments have taken me around the world; from Mount Everest to Mount McKinley, from the Falkland Islands to the Siberian Tundra, from Tasmania to Trinidad, Taiwan to Toronto, Fiji to Fairbanks, Bali to Brixton…..

The BBC  Schools drama "Spywatch" earned me a nomination for the Director of Photography Award at the Birmingham Film and TV Festival

I have a great deal of experience of lighting both for drama and for documentary.

Other specialist skills

I am fully qualified, certified and experienced in underwater filming and have accrued over two hundred hours of aerial filming experience from both helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and balloons. Des Seal tv is accredited as an aerial photography contractor, approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate unmanned drones, making previously unattainable sequences possible.

We have experience of preparing risk assessments and method statements for working in hazardous locations.

Corporate Production Des Seal tv are able to offer a complete service from concept through to distribution. Our comprehensive in-house facilities and depth of experience enable us to create exceptional value for our clients, delivering superior quality at a sensible price.


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